VFW Post 1298 a Great Hangout Spot

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Veterans Day is a special day to honor those who served, and are currently serving in our military.

At the VFW Post 1298 here in Bowling Green, some veterans of foreign wars tell us what they think about veterans day.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars post is like a brotherhood for vets.
The regulars go there often to drink a beer or coke and joke around. "Once in a while we cuss each other out, but not very often."

Their favorite thing to do is play cards. "See that table over there, that's all they do is play cards. They even play so much they play on Sunday out here."

And some hide from their wives. "She got me a cell phone you know where it's at? At home on the coffee table. It's been there almost seven months. All she wants to do is keep up and find out where i am and what I'm doin." This vietnam vet, who wouldn't tell us his name, "I don't tell nobody my name!"

Served in Korea and Vietnam, and was in the Marine Corps.
But "no-name" puts on his poker face and gets serious about Veterans Day. "Cause it won't be long for the younger generation. They don't even know the meaning of veterans day. They don't know what it's about."

Michael Graf, the past Commander at Post 1298 talks about the importance of Veterans Day. "All veterans have served their country are men that have put their lives on the line to preserve our way of life and keep the fighting over there and not over here."

Graf says he's thankful for the local support. "I'm grateful to live in a community where not only the community leaders but the people in general are very supportive of veterans."
The men of post 1298 say it's important to honor your vets. "Not gonna find out my name. No way Jose." Even those you don't know.

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