Eagle Industries check fraud

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Fraudulent checks are circulating throughout Bowling Green.

On March 29, 2007, Eagle Industries was notified their payroll checks were distributed, cashed, re-created and then cashed again.

The fake checks were cashed at two branches of Citizens First Bank in the afternoon on March 29. Southland Branch Bank employees said anyone cashing a check is asked to show a photo I.D.

Through an investigation, Citizens First said the scammers presented Eagle Industries photo I.D. badges with employee numbers.

Eagle Industries controller Kent Pyle said the checks look professionally duplicated.

"The checks look exactly like ours except there is three distinct differences," Pyle said.

Citizens First Bank reported 72 fraudulent payroll checks were cashed, totaling $25,000.

Eagle Industries said none of their employees were affected by the bogus payroll checks, but they are investigating the matter closely.

Bank employees gave police an estimated time frame of when they think the crime happened. Bowling Green police are reviewing surveillance tapes from both branches of Citizens First Bank. Police said the problem is frequent as technology for this kind of crime is readily available.

Banks suggest direct deposit to alleviate a paper trail that could compromise employees' information.

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