WKU Seniors Create Sex Education Video

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Seniors majoring in Social Work from Western Kentucky University are telling teens the truth about sex.

For a class project the students are producing a sexual education video called Let's Talk About Sex.

The video is meant to provide information on abstinence and safe sex practices to teens 13 years and older.

WKU senior, Jessica McCray said when she was in high school she was strictly taught about abstinence in her sex ed classes.

"Teaching abstinence is great for people who choose to abstain from having sex, but what about the people that are actually practicing sex? They need to know how to protect themselves," McCray said.

She said teens are given no information or the wrong information about sexuality and sexual health issues which can lead to life threatening consequences.

"It seems to be a pretty big social problem with increasing STDs, pregnancies and abortions rates," McCray said.

McCray and three other students are creating a sexual education video as a class project.

She said the video will include information about abstinence.

It will also address several issues including protection against teen pregnancy and STDs.

"I encourage students to take an aspect of the community issue, community problem that they thing the can make a difference," said Dr. Muh Bi Lin, a WKU Social Work professor.

McCray said they have researched current sex ed classes and have gotten feedback from community leaders, teachers parents and teens.

"The parents I have spoken to have actually supported our project just because teens need to know how to protect themselves," McCray said.

The group sent surveys to several different schools in the area as part of their research.

McCray said they have received little response from those schools and a mixed reaction from the community.

Their professor couldn't be happier with the project.

"I think I am proud of them. They are able to take from their experience. Some of them thought their sex education in high school was barley enough," Dr. Lin said.

McCray said the video was inspired by the group's personal experiences and real questions teens have today, Thursday, April 12, 2007.

Let's Talk About Sex will portray a hot line where teens can call in and ask questions about sex.

The video will be released on YouTube, MySpace and Facebook on Monday, April 30, 2007.