TVA power line concerns area church

The location of a power line is causing concern between an area church and the Tennessee Valley Authority.

The line is needed because of growing population in the area.

"(It is) a 161,000 kilo volt power line that is needed in the Bowling Green area because of the growing number of homes, schools and businesses; that power line would obviously provide power to everyone," said Gil Francis, a spokesman with TVA.

However, as the construction continues so do the negotiations with the church that sits next to it. TVA wants to purchase a portion of the church's property for a right-of-way.

"No, we wouldn't stop the progress. I'm all for progress. Communities growing, that's great," said Pastor Curtis Daniels, with Castle Heights Community Church.

Francis said as of right now the company hasn't started any kind of construction on the church's land.

"We have not begun any work on any property near the church, no," Francis said.

Daniels said he's hired an engineer and an attorney to see exactly what portions of the land belongs to the church.

"Since then we've had some surveying done and it looks like we may own a little bit more property than we thought originally we had owned," Pastor Daniels said.

The pastor said church neighbors have settled with TVA, but his congregation felt the company's offer was too low.

"Knowing what they already settled with a couple other neighbors, it didn't settle well with the congregation here," Daniels said.

Since the church opened more than a year ago, the congregation has grown from 15 people to around 40.

"We've already doubled and almost tripled in size and looking to expand further," Daniels said.

The church hopes to expand in the future. However, Daniels said with the work TVA has planned that could make it difficult.

"It would block us out. We would probably have to sell out and relocate. So, it was just a concern of ours."

Daniels isn't opposed to the power line, he just wants his church and congregation to be treated fairly.

Those with TVA said they're currently in the process of revising the offer. Daniels said if a second offer is made, he'll take it back to his board of trustees. Together, they'll make a decision whether to accept it.