Additional days for Bowling Green schools

During the 2006 session of the General Assembly, lawmakers gave certified and classified school employees a pay raise. In addition, two instructional days were added to the school calendar` but only for the certified employees.

Now, the Bowling Green City School District wants to add two extra days for its classified employees as well. Cathy Rogers, the principal's secretary at Bowling Green High, is one of the classified employees with the city school district.

"We sort of roll with the punches around here. When you work with kids you have to," said Rogers.

Under the mandates from the 2006 session of the General Assembly, teachers, other certified employees and classified employees were all given pay raises. However, only certified employees had two additional instructional days added to the calendar.

"If we were going to increase the days for teachers we needed to look at increasing those days for our classified employees and administrators as well," said Superintendent Joe Tinius.

Funding was included to pay the certified staff for those extra days, so the Bowling Green City School District is now looking at how to pay the other employees as well.

Tinius says many of the classified employees are needed because they work so closely with the students.

"We also had the issue of 2 additional days that the students needed to be transported to and from school and two additional days that they needed to be provided lunch and breakfast," said Tinius.

As for Rogers she said her work schedule will remain normal. However, she's excited about having the students in the school for a few extra days.

"That's what we're about. That's what we get up and come in for everyday. It's really boring when the kids are not here," said Rogers.

Those with Bowling Green City Schools said the money to pay the classified employees for the extra days will come from the general fund and the local tax base.