Hometown Hero Dorothy DeArmond

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Dorothy DeArmond was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2006.
She accepted the challenge of health problems but never thought her diagnoses would have an affect on her role in the community.

"I've seen her come from a very shy person after her husband died to a very outgoing person," said friend and neighbor Margie Helton.

"In fighting it, it actually two folded, it gave her the opportunity to talk to others and help others - people she doesn't even know and that is totally out of feel for her," said Dorothy's on John DeArmond.

Dorothy said her diagnosis with cancer has been a blessing in disguise.

"If you can tell people that you've been there and that you know about it, then that's a good thing," Dorothy said.

John said he's proud his mother's strength, but he's also proud of the new role she's taken on.

"It's her commitment, it's that she's gonna fight it now,and it's that she's won, she's out sharing it with everybody," John said.

Dorothy said she's been quiet her whole life and saw her fight with cancer as a way for her voice to be heard.

"When you see people that you meet taking radiation there is some really good people out there," Dorothy said.