All area police now trained to handle active shooters

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How would local law enforcement respond to a Virginia Tech-type incident at Western?

Captain William Payton, commander of Bowling Green’s State Police Post, said officers from all the area agencies, city, county, state and federal, would converge on the scene and once they had enough personnel to act, they would attempt to apprehend the shooter.

Bowling Green Police Officer Barry Pruitt said since the Columbine High School incident all police officers are now trained to handle such a situation.

"Post Columbine we started training where officers on the street will respond to a scene can actually go on in. They would not wait for a SWAT team or critical response team. So officers on the street now will receive that training on an annual basis," Pruitt said.

Payton also said a federal mandate requires that once a command post is set up, either the heads of all the agencies form a joint command or choose one commander to take control of the situation.