Clinton County scare causes low attendance

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Rumors of a student bringing a weapon to an area high school disrupts the day.

Several Clinton County High School students told school officials they heard another student say someone was going to bring a gun to school on April 19, 2007.

Officials said after investigating, they did not find a weapon or any evidence showing the threat was true.

A school official said what happened at Virginia Tech on Monday has everyone on edge.

“It pretty much stops school,” said David Warinner, Clinton County High School principal.

More than half the students at Clinton County High weren’t in class because of the weapon threat.

“It seems most of the parents knew about it before we did. Many of them picked up their students this morning,” Warinner said.

Local law enforcement and Kentucky State Police were at Clinton County High searching students and lockers most of the day.

Warinner said the school didn’t feel it was necessary to have a lock-down or contact parents.

“There’s really no practical way, other than getting on the local radio station and notifying parents and that seems to cause a panic and we didn’t wish to create that,” Warinner said.

Warinner also said the rumor itself was enough to cause panic and the school did what it could to keep the students safe.

“If we feel we have a credible issue we’ll do whatever necessary to protect the youngsters,” Warinner assured.

Warinner said now that the investigation is over, the school will have to deal with the effects this rumor caused.

“There will have to be some reteaching and the students get caught up that missed,” Warinner explained and since a day was lost, so is school funding.

“It’ll cost the district quite a bit of money from the Department of Education,” Warinner said and since the students are safe, his biggest concern now is their education.

Warinner said the school has recently updated its security measures. It also shares a resource officer with the middle and elementary schools.

To view the official statement released by Clinton County High School, click here and to view a copy of CCHS's security policy, click here.