Virginia Tech memorial wristbands

As the funerals and memorial services begin for the victims a Nicholasville, Ky., business gears up to help.

Brass Reminders is producing memorial wristbands for two funeral homes in Virginia. They'll be handed out at the funeral services of two of the victims.

According to the employees working on the rush order, it is an emotional task to complete.

"You watch the news everyday, and you see these ads about these people. You think about how tragic it is, but it doesn't really hit home to you until you have to do something for them. Something that really touches your heart and makes you think even more on it. And it just seems like it's just so tragic. You know it's happening everyday now," said Alicia Parker who is making the wristbands.

The bracelets are made in the school's colors, etched with "in loving memory" of 19-year-old Emily Hilscher, and white bands with black writing bear the name, birth and death date of 20-year-old Henry Lee.