Could your baby's toys be making him sick?

In Oregon, state lawmakers are considering legislation that would urge congress to outlaw plastic toys made with a controversial group of chemicals.

Melica Johnson has more on the ingredients that some say are killing America's future.They are found in many children's toys, but the general public doesn't know it.

"Have you ever heard of thalates?"
"No, I've never heard of it before," mother Sara Baldwin said.

Thalates are a group of chemicals used to make plastics and make them more flexible, but some research shows thalates may also cause cancer and birth defects .

"How many toys have you ever seen a kid have that they didn't put in their mouth? Not one," Senator Margaret Carter said.

Carter is concerned that Oregon children may be ingesting deadly thalates while sucking on toys and pacifiers, and that women who use make-up with thalates may be getting breast cancer.

"The FDA does not have to send-out any warnings about this whatsoever, so therefore the general public has been denying information about this completely," Carter said.

Carter is behind legislation urging congress to restrict the use of thalates in children's toys, as well as test the ingredients in cosmetics. According to the chemical industry, the tests have been done.

"I think these fears are based strictly on hazard. Are thalates in large doses a hazard to rodents, yes they area," said the opposition.

Although according to industry scientists, people and rats are two very different creatures .

"We know humans are exposed to tiny amounts. They're not exposed to anywhere near what would cause an effect in a rodent."

Still, moms want more information.

"I watch what he eats, what he plays with, what he does. So if this stuff i 'm giving him causes cancer, of course
I'd want to know," Baldwin said.

Dozens of countries have banned the use of thalates, including: Japan, Mexico and 27 countries in the European Union. On the west coast, San Francisco has banned children's toys and feeding products made with thalates as well.