Virginia Tech shooting charity scams

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When tragic events occur like the Virginia Tech shootings there is often an outpouring of financial generosity, but some people try to capitalize on the generosity with charity scams.

The Better Business Bureau said the easiest way people try to scam you out of your money is phishing. This is where you receive emails asking you to go to websites to donate money. The website is then used to get your personal information.

“We just tell people to be aware of those things. Don’t hand money or personal checks or give any kind of personal information to people who do come door to door or do call you," said Reanna Smith, with BBB.

More tips for charity giving:

1. If you choose to give a donation, do not give cash and don’t write the check to the person collecting, but to the name of the charity.

2. Watch out for excessive pressure to donate and do not give out your credit card number or any other personal information.

3. Also don’t be afraid to ask for written information about the charity’s programs and finances.

4. Be cautious of charities that don’t answer reasonable questions you may have.

5. And remember that there will be more opportunities to give if you do feel something isn’t right.

For more information on these scams from the BBB, click here and to report a scam, go to the BBB's website at