Iraq protest at WKU

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The public debate over the war in Iraq makes its way to Western Kentucky University.

Two sides faced off on Western’s South Lawn on April 23, 2007. One side delivered a message of peace - the other a message of support.

War protesters brought picket signs and plugged into a P.A. system to make their voices heard, but they weren’t the only ones.

Meanwhile just a few feet away at the Guthrie Bell Tower, other demonstrators were armed with signs of their own and a message of support for the war.

While both sides disagreed about the path the war in Iraq has taken, they did share at least one view their right to voice their opinions.

“The troops fight for them to have an opinion. They wouldn’t be able to have their opinions or complain even, if the troops weren’t over there giving their lives and doing what’s right,” said Meaghan Smiley, a supporter of U.S. troops.

“As a former troop, I found it honorable and uplifting to know that the freedoms that I provided and the freedoms that everyone else provided are being used,” said Jeffery Humphrey, who opposes war in Iraq.

The protesters at Monday’s event asked supporters to sign a petition. They hope to deliver it to Senator Mitch McConnell, who will then pass it on to the White House.

The demonstration started at 12 p.m. and was expected to continue all day.

To view people voicing opinions from the protest, watch the players below: