Minor League Baseball Progress

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"We're very close to getting the ballpark here in South Central Kentucky and in Bowling Green. In fact, we've had extraordinarily good efforts with a core group of interested community minded people," says Warren County Judge Executive, Mike Buchanon.

So good, in fact, they've sold 1,350 tickets and the deadline has been extended.

"We've just been really excited about what we've gotten from the corporate community and with the momentum that we've got going from that we've been able to extend the deadline to try to reach the 2000 level," Rick Kelley, Play Ball '05.

With and extended deadline of June 1 to sell 2000 tickets people are now wondering will it be a success or will they strike out?

Kelley says, "I think it's realistic that we will reach that goal. The momentum we've got going right now the support we're seeing from the corporate community all those things add up to where I think we will reach our goal."

There is a sense of urgency about ticket purchasing due to the deadline.

Buchanon says, "Now is the time for those people who are truly interested in seeing professional baseball here in Bowling Green step up to the plate and make their commitments now."

They say there are also far-reaching implications besides just baseball coming to our area.

Buchanon says, "I think the success of this will have a huge impact in the success of other initiatives like SKYPAC, some of the people who are interested in developing a downtown hotel, condominiums and other things that will revitalize the downtown district of Bowling Green. And certainly in doing so, will improve all of our region."