Call him the grocery shopping governor

It is not every day you see a governor grocery shopping, or attempting to live off a food stamp budget of $3 a day. Which is what this governor is doing.

"I've gotta stop and get organic bananas," Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski said.

Carrying a shopping list from his wife, Kulongoski is buying enough groceries to last him a week.

"I can't believe the price of it!" Kulongoski proclaimed.

The outing is getting a lot of publicity, and according to the governor it is not a stunt. But what exactly does the governor want?

"If I thought this is what it took to get this issue out to the public and tell them how important it is, I don't care what they call it. I'd do it every week," Kulongoski said.

Kulongoski wants to show people how hard it is to live off $21 a week in groceries - the average food stamp budget per person.

"To me, it's very admirable. He's taking - even thought it's a small walk - he's still taking a small walk in our shoes," said Christina Davenport, food stamp recipient.

This one food stamp recipient is shopping with the governor, giving him tips on how to make his money go further.

"We can probably get our peanut butter in, to make sure you have something for lunch this week."

The governor buys generic, looks for things on sale and springs for reduced priced items, like a jug of soon-to-be expired milk.

"Hold it! I have some coupons!" the governor chimed in while checking out.

At the register he is $.48 over-budget, so he loses a cup of noodles and a banana. Then winces when he realizes he could've brought grocery bags from home and received a refund.

"I could've had a half a banana and taken it with me," Kulongoski said.

After leaving the store the governor attended a lunchtime speaking engagement. Where the governor was caught following through. He brought his own lunch, peanut butter and jelly.