A new huffing danger to be aware of

You can buy dust cleaning products at any store and according to police, teens are inhaling this stuff using a straw or bag and the chemicals travel through their lungs and their blood creating a feeling of euphoria.

The high only lasts about ten seconds, but Nick Brown's family wants to warn all parents, it can kill a person just as fast.

"I don't think Nick meant to do anything harmful to himself. I don't think that's an intentional thing," Nick's mom Christine Schreiner said.

Christine also said her son had problems in the past and was diagnosed ADHD, but she thought he knew about the dangers of inhaling dust cleaners like this. Christine said that "... sometimes I think deep down Nick had something he could never deal with, or maybe this was his way of dealing with that was through self-medication."

Police said kids like Nick are an easy target for dusting.

"Curiosity - they try to find a cheap high, because they're not 21yet so they can't get alcohol and these things are readily available under the sink or in the garage," Sergeant Tim Plummer said.

Nick was an eighth grader at Crossler Middle School, where his parents said they hoped he would stay away from drugs. His family hopes other kids here will learn from their loss.

"There needs to be more awareness and education about what kids are doing and what's out there," said Cory Schreiner, Nick's step-dad.

Nick's family said he was a good kid who loved sports and figuring out how mechanical things work. Christine said her boy was easily frustrated when he didn't get something, but he'd recently made new friends and appeared as curious as ever. She thought he had so much to look forward to.

"It's dumbfounding, and it's just kind of amazes you. You think you know your kids so well, but there's things you don't know and no matter what, you still love them," Christine said.

Again, the family said they're hoping parents out there will communicate more effectively with their kids, before they get their information from other sources like friends or the Internet.

For more information on huffing click here or visit The Partnership for Drug Free America.