Teenagers non-stop hiccups cured

Here's another update to a story that you may remember from WBKO.

Jennifer Mee, 15, struggled through six weeks of non-stop hiccups. Now, the Florida teen is breathing a sigh of relief after a doctor cured the painful spasms.

Jennifer received an ear implant that is commonly used to treat back pain. Doctors inserted three small needles and a miniature nerve stimulator in her ear. The device is based on acupuncture and is usually used to relax nerves in chronic pain patients.

In this case, doctors said the device is relaxing Mee's spastic diaphragm, which is causing her hiccups.

"At first it was pretty scary, but after my hiccups were gone it was a relief," Mee said.

The device, called an IS Three, is FDA approved.