BG Firefighters are learning the ropes

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Several Bowling Green firefighters have had their rescue skills put to the test this week.

Someone is trapped on a bluff. Every minute is crucial and there’s no room for error.

What do you do when your life is hanging from a band of rope?

“I’m kinda behind on all this - being assigned to a new company, a rescue company - this has really benefited me a great deal,” firefighter, Chris Gray said.

Gray isn’t normally used to working rescues like the ones he has encountered this week.

“It’s had its hard points. It can be physically demanding,” Gray said, but that’s okay because it’s a rope rescue training for the Bowling Green Fire Department.

“We’re training on rescuing individuals who are hanging or caught on a bluff - who had a car accident over an embankment and we needed to go down and use special equipment to create a bridge or ladder to lift them up,” Gray said.

Gray used to work for the airport station, but now he’s a part of a new rescue team and has to learn the ropes - literally.

“Going over all the obstacles - the cliff, the rocks, the trees and all that can be kinda rough, but it’s not too bad,” Gray said.

In a technical rescue field the rope is a cornerstone in completing any rescue mission.

“They pretty much encompass some point of all of the technical rescues from vehicle extrication to trench rescue,” Gray said.

When you’re dealing with life-or-death situations, Gray said you can’t learn it from the books.

“You gotta get the hands-on. When you start getting the hands-on and working together, it goes a lot smoother that way,” Gray said and that working together can mean the difference between failure and success.

Rope rescues typically take place when an injured person has to be moved from point-A to point-B or in cases where a patient has fallen in a hole or pit and can’t move.

Nearly 25 firefighters took part in the rope rescue training this week.

Today’s rescue simulation took place at Lost River Cave.

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