Locals react to Congress bill and Bush promise

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Congress will send President Bush a bill next week that contains a troop withdrawal timetable. Bush has already promised to veto any bill including a deadline for withdrawing troops. Anna Smithson gets local reaction to Congress’ bill and Bush’s promise.

W. F. Cannon is a former State Commander and strongly supports Bush’s decision to stay in the war. Cannon feels if we pull out now we are going to have a bigger mess to clean up than we had to start with.

“Yes, I think we should stay in. I don’t know that we can win it, but now we can come to a satisfactory conclusion (and) it won’t be by pulling the troops out,” Cannon said, but there are others out there who think it’s time we bring our troops home.

Benita Daniel said it’s not that she doesn’t support the troops; she just feels enough is enough.

“I think the war over there is never gonna stop, there will always be fighting with each other they always have been and they always will be,” Daniel said.

Both parties are working on a compromise bill, one they hope the president won’t veto.