Local trucking company may strike

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After almost a year of negotiations between employees of Tony Scott Trucking and the Teamsters Local Union 89, it seems that a strike could be imminent.

On April 30, 2007, members of both T.S. Trucking and the Teamsters met at the Sloan Convention Center to try and negotiate possible benefits for T.S Trucking's workforce.

Truckers for T.S. Trucking declined to be interviewed on camera, but one trucker, Tom Berman told WBKO the group is asking for a pay raise, vacation time and paid holidays.

Berman said employees have been denied any type of raise since 2005 and don't have a sliding pay scale.

He said employees are also called "seasonal," but are not allowed to take vacations unless they have been laid off.

T.S. Trucking hauls blacktop for Scotty's Construction and if a strike were to happen, it would affect nearly 90 percent of the jobs Scotty's contracts.

WBKO spoke to both T.S officials and Union members at the negotiation meetings. They also declined on camera interviews, but both say they are in the middle of good faith negotiations.

Berman told WBKO that Houchens Industries, which owns T.S, told employees they would be replaced with independent truckers if they did decide to strike.

He also told WBKO that employees voted 49-to-5 last week to strike if talks broke down.