Adventures in Kentucky: Donkey Basketball

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Previously on Adventures in Kentucky I took WBKO viewers on a climbing adventure. Tonight, I’ll take us on an adventure that you may have seen before, new idea or not, it’s still funny to watch.

Donkey Basketball is an entertaining mix of basketball and donkey riding. It sounds quite simple, but when it comes to actually playing it’s very difficult. Some of that difficulty is because the donkeys have been trained to do different tricks.

Some buck, some run, and others just stand still. Needless to say, Donkey Ball draws a crowd and fans aren’t just spectators.

Teams are made up of four donkeys with a rider on each. If you are concerned about the gym floor, rest assured the donkeys wear rubber shoes.

In order to touch the ball, the rider must be touching their donkey. To shoot or play defense, the player must be on top of the donkey.

Again, these rules seem quite simple, but they are much easier said than done.

WBKO’s team took home the trophy for first place at the latest Donkey Basketball game in Park City.

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