Scoring High

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The pressure is on for students and teachers around the state. For many schools, C.A.T.S. state tests either started or will start soon. Every school is hoping to raise their overall score from last year. But sometimes regardless of all of that preparation the scores may not show it.

Southern Elementary in Ohio County had some of the highest scores in the state last year. They hope to do even better this year. Dishman-McGinnis in Bowling Green hopes to raise their scores too after being in the bottom ten of the state last year. Both schools have focused on the attitude of teachers and students.

Dishman-McGinnis started emphasizing more teacher-student instruction. They also wanted to improve literacy rates. If their scores don't improve in the next two years, the state could take over the school.

The state can enforce penalties if low scoring schools don't start to improve. They can change staff, have more control all over the school, and start enforcing a state mandated curriculum. Schools that do well are recognized though throughout the state with rewards and a visit from the State Education Commissioner, Gene Wilhoit.

The window for when schools can test students started this past Monday and will end May 21.