Fall Trends and Dress Codes

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If you are a parent you know what time of year it is. It's time to go back to school and along with that comes back to school shopping. But when its time to go to school many of this season's hottest trends just don't fit.

Latowa Whitney is entering seventh grade at Moss Middle School and she's getting ready for that big day. If she had her choice she would buy short shorts and sleeveless shirts. But since her school has a dress code she is buying capris and tee shirts. Latowa is just one of many students sifting through the shopping racks this week all trying to make sure they meet their school's dress codes.

Principal Mark Davis at Greenwood High School says dress codes are not meant to punish the students but to protect them. The problem is each school has a different policy. That leaves many students like Latowa wondering what they can wear and how they can still be fashionable, while obeying the school's rules.

The Bowling Green and Warren County schools each have a policy regarding dress and appearance. Each school varies slightly because they all have their own guidelines. To find out what your child's dress codes are you can contact the school.