WKU Board of Regents Approves Tuition Hike

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A steady increase in enrollment with no additional funding from the state prompts Western's Board of Regents to approve a significant tuition increase. Some regents say a four-year tuition and campus enhancement plan is forward thinking and eliminates the guesswork for people wondering how much an education is going to cost.

The proposal calls for a ten percent increase over the next two fall semesters and a seven point five percent increase the next two spring semesters. The University is hopeful state funding will resume in 2006, allowing rates to return to about a five percent increase per year.

Dr. Ransdell says one option is paying a lump sum total of $21,141, which guarantees the cost of a four-year degree won't change.

The student regent was the only dissenting vote. The board also approved an eight percent raise for University President Dr. Gary Ransdell, bringing him to $250,000 per year.