Queen returns to Virginia, after 50 years

The British are coming ashore in Virginia again. Queen Elizabeth arrives today to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Jamestown settlement, the first permanent English settlement in the new world.

ABC's Yunji De Nies previews the queen's United States visit, which will include a stop at the Kentucky Derby and a state dinner with President Bush. It's been 50 years since Queen Elizabeth II visited Jamestown, where the first British colonists made their stand in the new world.

"It has been a moving experience for us to visit Jamestown," the queen said during her visit in 1957.

Now, she is back to celebrate the settlement's 400th anniversary, and along the riverbank, in just the last decade, much has changed. The last time she visited, the story behind the disappearing Jamestown was that the town was believed to have washed away. Since then, archaeologists discovered more than a million artifacts - clues about those first brave few.

"They came over to better their lives, get land, get a piece of the action. In a lot of ways, in the old world was denied to them," Archaeologist Bill Kelso said.

And so the old world visits the new. With a 35 person entourage and three tons of luggage, the 81-year old monarch does not travel light.

"The only thing I can say about the queen's wardrobe is that it's always a surprise," said Penny Russell Smith,
the queen's press secretary.

An avid fan of horse racing, the queen will attend her first Kentucky Derby this weekend, then dine with the president and first lady at a state dinner in Washington. The queen will also pay her respects at Virginia Tech.

For people hoping to see the queen in person - their best chance will be later today in Richmond, Va. She'll attend Virginia's royal welcome, a public event with live music, where thousands are expect to gather for a glimpse of her highness.

Here in Kentucky, a number of track workers at Churchill Downs attended etiquette class to avoid any social faux pas when in the queen's presence. The track's executive chef is also planning a southern-style meal featuring some Kentucky favorites.