Gas prices going up, up, up

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Are the high gas prices going to keep you from getting products delivered to your door?

Gas prices are nearing the $3 mark in Bowling Green, Ky., and some stations are edging higher.

A month ago The Energy Information Administration said the price of gas could peak in June at $2.67-a-gallon.

That prediction was stomped by today's gas prices - in most places - at more than $3.

Although AAA won't make its formal prediction of summer travel until next month, one has to ponder if $3-a-gallon is the new threshold of pain at the pump.

James Scrogham drives for a living. Not only does he drive to work 35 miles each day, he delivers food to customers in Logan and Todd Counties.

Gas prices are up and just thinking about them makes Scrogham a little down.

"You don't know if gas prices will continue to go up. Next thing you know, you're running real low on income. It's tough - it can be tough sometimes," Scrogham said it's been tough on his customers and company too.

Schwan's implemented a $1 delivery charge on all orders in 2005 because of the increase in gas prices.

"We have lost a few customers because of gas prices and Schwans implementing the charge because of gas prices," Scrogham said.

Martin Key also drives for a living although his company hasn't started charging for deliveries yet.

"If it keeps going up I figure that they'll have to start charging for deliveries," Scrogham explained, or even worse Key fears his job as a delivery driver will stop.

As the prices edge higher, Key can't help but think of other options if the worst does happen.

"It would be hard. I'd probably be in a ditch working somewhere or doing something I don't like to do. I enjoy this job," Key said.

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