Robot teaches OB-GYN nursing students

Washington Hospital Center is taking a hands on approach to teaching OB-GYN nurses, but they're handling a pregnant robot first, so they can learn how to help actual patients.

"And they gave you a little snippet of information, you walk in the room and then it's go," nurse Gena Allen said.

The mannequin simulates a pregnant woman. In this case, the robot cries so nurses come running. The scenario is that the robot's baby is pressing against the umbilical cord, cutting off it's own blood flow. Because everything has to be sterile, there's no setting up an operating room in advance.

"It's an absolute emergency and the baby needs to be delivered immediately," said Dr. Shilpa John, OB-GYN resident.

When the team comes through, there's a lot of work to do.

"It's so chaotic and there's so many people in the room, I think it is especially important to communicate effectively," said Dr. Tamika Auguste, OB-GYN.

Her pregnancy is just 27 weeks along. However, the baby is out in just three minutes. It's a team that will save lives, when the real trouble comes.

"We don't get the opportunity to rewind real life and see what we could have done better so this is a great training tool to get everybody on the same page," Auguste said. ""We like to think that everyone is an expert in their own field, so what we are trying to create is an expert team."