Warren Fiscal Court possible new taxes

Warren Countians may have to pay more in fees and taxes to help overcome a $3 million budget shortfall.

At fiscal court on May 3, 2007, the magistrates unanimously approved the first reading of an ordinance creating a Storm Water Sewer Agency between Plum Springs and Warren County.

This agency will distribute a three or four dollar monthly charge across the county. It will not affect Bowling Green Residents.

This agency could bring in $1 million to help offset the Storm Water Management mandates.

Five out of six magistrates also approved the first reading of a one percent occupational tax for those who work in the county. This is a tax that could bring in $700,000.

"It's still not enough, but it will enable us to make part of these cuts temporary and not long term cuts," Warren County Judge-Executive, Mike Buchanon said.

The tax will not affect those who work in Bowling Green because they already pay an occupational tax.

The second readings for these proposals will be on May 11, 2007.

Judge Buchanon says cuts to the county's departments, agencies, and non-profits it helps to fund will not be known until the magistrates approve the final budget for the next fiscal year.

For Community Action, the question isn't if their funding will be cut by the Warren Fiscal Court, the question is by how much.

The Budget and Revenue Committee announced it's proposing cuts to all county departments and agencies it helps to fund to make up for a three million dollar shortfall.

"I would have liked to have heard they worked out a plan for financing all of our services. I was pleased to hear they've developed a plan to increase revenue to help provide some level of funding for next year and the future," said Cheryl Allen, the Executive Director of Community Action.

Community Action helps all people no matter what your age, income, ability, or disability.

"Our goal is to help people be self reliant," said Allen.

It also provides the Public Transit Service.

Those with the agency receive funding from various sources, but it's always up in the air to how much the agency will receive.

"It's very difficult to plan for the future when some of our programs are grant funded and we don't have information on grant funding for next year either. Congress and state funding is very uncertain," said Allen.

Those with Community Action have been using the information they do have to draft different options for the future.

Community Action is planning a golf tournament to bring extra revenue to the agency.

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