High prices affect gas station employees as well

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Kathy Duncan greets every customer with a warm welcome and uses laughter to keep patrons from getting angry at rising gas prices.

"They'll come in and say, 'well gas has gone up again,' and we'll say, 'yeah, its really gone high.' Then they'll say, 'what are we gonna do,' and we say, 'sit back and laugh about it.' It gets them out of their mad mood and they're laughing by the time they leave," Duncan said.

She said its not that often her customers get angry at her about the fluctuating costs, but they do express their feelings.

"They're just saying they're wishing they could go back to where people could afford it," Duncan explained.

Duncan said over the past few weeks gas prices have jumped from $2.71 to its current price of $2.97.

She said some customers quiz her about why prices are so high and if station employees are getting a break on gas.

"We've had people to come up and ask us do we get discounts because we work here. No, we have to pay just like everyone else does," Duncan said.

While she can sympathize, Duncan wishes customers would realize it's not her who sets the prices.

"I always worry about it because we have no control over it, but we get the worst of it," Duncan said.

Since the gas prices are expected to climb through the summer, she said motorists will just have to get used to it.

"Even though gas is going high, without the gas you're not gonna be able to drive your cars. So in order for them to go anywhere they're gonna have to buy the high-priced gas," Duncan said.

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