Mickey Mosher back in court

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The woman found not guilty in the deaths of two well-known Bowling Green businessmen was back in court in Logan County on May 3, 2007, to answer to another drug-related charge.

Mickey Mosher is accused of having marijuana in her possession when she went to the Logan County Jail to be drug-tested. A blood test and a test of evidence in Mosher's wallet revealed that she showed up to court with marijuana in her system and with marijuana cigarettes on her. This happened in January while she was out on bond for the fatal crash that killed businessmen Cornelius Martin and Brooks Mitchell, and seriously injured Bill Leachman.

Mosher's attorney, Stewart Wheeler, made a motion in court to continue this case.

The Commonewealth attorney didn't oppose.

Mosher is set to be back in court in August 2007 for this case.