Hometown Hero - Pastor Chad Hunt

A South Central Kentucky pastor is doing more than spreading the gospel. He's also helping members of his congregation break free from addiction. Anna Smithson has more in this week's Hometown Hero.

Chad Hunt is pastor of Caveland Baptist Church. He said he saw a need in his congregation and prayed for an answer. That answer was developing his very own addiction program called the Addiction Deliverance Outreach.

"Knowing there's somebody there that won't kick us away like society does even though were addicted to drugs were still people," said Todd Fields, recovered addict.

Todd Fields and his brother Jason both said they owe their lives to the program, but more importantly to Pastor Chad and his vision for the ministry.

"If it wasn't for Pastor Chad like Todd said I would be dead; I would still be in jail; I would be dead," Jason said.

Jason also said he owes his freedom everyday to Pastor Chad.

"The day he stood up with me in front of the judge and said I take full responsibility of him that was when I know Pastor Chad was heroic."

Even Barren County Jailer Leland Cox said he is grateful for Pastor Chad's vision of a new way of life for the addicted.

"I don't think jail is at all the answer to the drug problem, because if we don't give them something in there while their there to show them that there's a better way to live their lives or there's a better way to over come their problems then we haven't gained anything," Cox said.

"He was my life line at the time to the lord because I was blind," said Kevin Milby, recovered addict.

Pastor Chad said he can't take credit for what he said was God's vision.

"I give the glory to God because it really is nothing to do with me. The Lord just saw fit to use me," Pastor Chad said.

To find out more about the Addiction Deliverance Outreach program log onto their website at www.pastorcdhunt.com.