Barren County school Resource Officer bit

A Barren County School Resource Officer gets into his first physical altercation with a student.

Deputy Bobby McCown said last week a student became argumentative with a teacher.

McCown was close to the classroom and went to assist.
He said he was in the process of taking the teen into custody, when the student bit him.

Following the incident with McCown, the juvenile was taken into custody.

A typical day for the Barren County High School Resource Officer is usually calm and quite.

However, McCown said he knows that at any moment that could change.

"You can't go into any situation either in the school or on the street and expect anything. You've got to be open minded about things," McCown said.

McCown said he's prepared for any kind of situation he might encounter.

"You can't automatically just say, 'well it's just a kid.' You've always got to be on your guard," McCown said.

The deputy's presence also acts as a deterrent. Those with the school want the students to understand that he's there to help them.

"That just provides us another person to work the beat so to speak and to surround and move in and out of the classrooms and be available when needed," Principal Keith Hale said.
"I think it's a good idea and a great program because the teachers need to be focused on teaching," McCown said.

The deputy wants the students to feel free to talk to him and he encourages them to call him by his first name.

For information on school resource officers you can visit the National Association School Resources Officers website at