Adventures in Kentucky: Trout Fishing

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Last week on Adventures in Kentucky, I, along with the WBKO Tube Jocks traveled to Park City for Donkey Basketball. Tonight, I take us on an adventure that’s a little more relaxed.

Ken Glenn is a trout fishing guide on the Cumberland River, but I am not a fisherman. He is taking me on a guided trip and teaching me the basics, but before we cast our reels, we have to go over the rules.

“Rule number one is: try not to hook the guide,” Glenn explained. “And rule number two is: try not to fall out of the boat.”
In my life, I have rarely fished so a fair amount of teaching was in order. Ken is a great teacher and as the trip began, the learning never stopped.

“If you feel anything, it’s gonna be one of two things - it’s either gonna be the bottom, a piece of wood on the bottom, or it’s gonna be a fish, but if you feel anything, you just give it a big pull back. It won’t break the line - it’ll slip and then you just lower your rod and crank it in slow,” Glenn explained.

Glenn is so skilled that during the teaching, while not even trying to catch a fish, almost immediately he pulled out a 17 inch trout!

After the excitement of the first fish, we go through a bit of a dry spell, but I still catch a few things. To see what I caught, be sure to watch the video player above.

As the sun begins to drop on the horizon, the fish bite more frequently and we can’t keep them out of the boat. By the end of the day, I am more comfortable and still catching fish.

For the big finish I catch an 18 inch brown trout - the biggest of the day.

If you’d like more information about Ken Glenn’s Trout Guiding you can email him at, and as always, if you have any adventure ideas for myself, email me at