FAA Says "No" to Transpark

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The Federal Aviation Administration has denied the airport at the Kentucky Trimodal Transpark.

Warren County Judge-Executive Mike Buchanon said the Bowling Green-Warren County Regional Airport received word the FAA denied the request saying there was not enough aviation need in the area to warrant a new airport, but Buchanon also said this is standard procedure by the FAA when someone requests a new airport.

He said the FAA does not provide the discretionary funds for airport construction this early in the process. He said the Transpark Board now needs to go through Kentucky’s Congressional Delegation to get the discretionary funds for the Environmental Impact Statement.

Airport manager Rob Barnett agrees with Buchanon's statement.

"But again this relates to discretionary funding and there are many sources of funding at the federal level, and our county Judge-Executive is currently working with the Congressional Delegation to secure some type of federal funding and/or earmark some federal funding for an Environmental Impact Statement which is the necessary step in this process," Barnett said.

Once the Environmental Impact Statement is completed, Buchanon said the FAA will then consider helping finance the construction of a new airport at the Transpark.