Where Will Minor League Team Play?

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When and if Minor League Baseball comes to Bowling Green, the team will spend its first year on Western's Nick Denes field.

WKU's athletic director says, "We know there is quite a lot of work that needs to be done to make that happen. We seat about 750 now so if we succeed in our efforts to sell 2000 season tickets and then we have to have about 1000 for walk-ups, we'll need to add about 2,200 seats."

It's a task that could be a major undertaking and changes will be made all around.

Selig says, "Additionally we need to add a new scoreboard, we need new locker rooms for both teams, we need new dugouts, concession stands. So there is quite a lot of work that needs to be done to our field to make it Minor League playable."

Selig says they have some options in mind to meet that goal.

Selig says, "There's a lot of room down the left field line. So we could put a preponderance of the seats down the left field line. There's also the ability to move the dugouts currently and build a set of stands on both sides that would encompass the dugouts below."

Selig also says they've been in talks throughout the process of getting the Minor League team on how the changes could be made.

Selig says, "So it really is a question of architectural design and using the space to the best of our ability. So we haven't gotten that far in the plan to figure out where all 3000 seats might go. But we know there's plenty of room within the footprint of our stadium."