Northup and Fletcher speak out

Governor Ernie Fletcher made a stop at WBKO on May 9, 2007. The governor spoke about his re-election and some recent issues plaguing this race.

WBKO spoke with Fletcher about being criticized by one of his Republican gubernatorial opponents in Ann Northup's recent political ads. The governor said the people of Kentucky are tired of the politics of destruction.

"Ann from the beginning has been on the attack mode. This is the third attack ad that she's come up with. We finally needed to respond," Fletcher said.

In response to Northup's ad, the Fletcher campaign portrays former U.S. Rep. Anne Northup as a ballpark bully in an ad that began running last night. The ad's narrator said Northup has voted against school prayer and for the largest tax increase in history.

In a letter to WBKO, Northup's campaign responded by saying, "Anne Northup and Jeff Hoover are in this race to provide a new standard-bearer for the Republican party. If anyone is practicing the politics of destruction it is Ernie Fletcher. He has abused his office and the trust of the Republican party. Our party is built on the value of personal responsibility, and Ernie Fletcher continues to blame other people for his misdeeds. Soon, he will have to stand up for himself and take responsibility for his actions."

Businessman Billy Harper is also a Republican running in the gubernatorial race.