Modern Medical and Cell Phone Technology Saves a Live

A 10-year old Pennsylvania boy is recovering from a heart transplant. It's a surgery that almost didn't happen because hospital officials couldn't find John Paul May and his mother, Sue.

Sheldon Ingram has the dramatic story of how the doctors and police tracked the boy down.

Modern medical technology is the reason a 10-year-old boy was given a heart transplant here at children's hospital. But modern cell phone technology is the reason his family was notified that a heart was available.

John Paul is now resting nicely after his heart transplant on May 6, 2007. But it was the hearts of doctors and police that were racing because they couldn't reach the young boy and his mother.

Sue said she and her son were at a jazz concert at Slippery Rock University when police tracked her down with the GPS system in her cell phone. It was Cardiologist Doctor Brian Feingold and a fellow cardiologist who asked police to track down John Paul and his mother.

Did they find out you were inside of a concert hall based on where your phone told them you were?

"Yes, so then the officer walked in," Sue said.

And now the story gets real interesting as John Paul and his mother sat in the last row of the concert hall when the officer went to the conductor and he talked to the conductor while the music was playing, according to Sue.

"Then the conductor stopped the music and turned around and then I thought, this must be really important for him to stop the music and I didn't think it was for me," Sue said.

The Sue said the police officer took the microphone and asked for Sue May and then announced in front of the entire audience that a new heart was waiting for her son, John Paul.

"Everybody just clapped. The band, everybody was clapping. The whole time we're walking, everybody is clapping and cheering. It was just so amazing," Sue said about the audiences response.

Doctors only had four hours to give John Paul his new heart. His mother is grateful police never gave up in their quest to find her.

Sue said her son is anxious to get out of the hospital and go to more jazz concerts.