Mother's Day Miracle: Cow Triplets

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An area mother will have an extra special Mother's Day this year - she gave birth to triplets on May 5, 2007.

"I've heard of it but I've never seen it," farmer Ed Huntsman said.

What are the odds?

"One out of 105,000 would have triplets," Huntsman stated.

Huntsman has been raising cows most of his life and he's seen them give birth to twins, but this is the first time he's seen the birth of not one, not two, but three baby calves.

"That's unusual for her to have three like that and for her to have them by herself. Two's bad enough," Huntsman explained.

That's right! Cow Number 45 gave birth to three calves without any help.

Huntsman said finding three extra heifers on his farm Saturday was a bit of a shock.

"Well, my son-in-law went with me and he said, 'look at this - we've got three.' Surely not and we went closer and there was three of them laying there," Huntsman said.

At 50 pounds a piece, this cow gave birth to triplets with no problems and that's truly a Mother's Day miracle.

Doctor Roger Thomas said Number 45 gave birth to about 20 percent of her body weight. That would be like a woman weighing about 140 pounds giving birth to nearly 30 pounds.

"I guess the main thing is that it is extremely rare for them to be alive. Usually they're aborted pre-mature because there's not enough room inside the mother," Dr. Thomas explained.

Typically Huntsman would sell these beef cows and typically Number 45 wouldn't be able to care for them, but Huntsman isn't you typical farmer.

"I may have to give them to my wife for Mother's Day," Huntsman said.

Also Number 45 Isn't your typical cow - she and her three healthy and happy calves beat the odds.

If you have fallen in love with these cow, you now have the chance to name them. From now until Sunday you can e-mail your three favorite names to Then on May 14, 2007, the winning names will be posted on