Prices at the Pump

Whether it's unleaded, mid-grade, premium, or even diesel the feeling seems to be the same, people think the gas prices are too high.

"They're too high. Almost three dollars a gallon is crazy," said Brooke Rarey, a Bowling Green resident.

Claude Robertson III, a stockbroker, said he watches crude oil prices on a daily basis and has an explanation for the high prices at the pump.

"Crude oil is a commodity, so the more it's being used, the higher the prices are going to go," Robertson said.

Robertson also said other countries are also using this commodity more.

"Part of the whole issue now is with the widely emerging countries in the world China, India and those kinds of places are using more commodities, more resources that's partly driving the price of oil and gas up," Robertson said.

The war in the Middle East also affects the price of crude oil.

"Any of those kinds of political unrest also figures into that scenario and that equation to determine what the daily oil prices are," Robertson explained.

As for those at the pump, many feel there's nothing they can do.

"We are helpless in my opinion. What can we do, except pay?" asked Frank Williams, a Bowling Green resident, but hope may be on the way.

A lawsuit filed by the Kentucky Attorney General, Greg Stumbo, aims to bring the prices down.

"If he's going to sue them and if it's going to help the gas prices go down, hey I'm happy about it," Rarey said.

"Oh definitely, good luck to him - more power to him or her, or whoever it is," Wiliams said.

Stumbo said Marathon Petroleum, Speedway, and Superamerica are guilty of price-gouging after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

However, some believe regardless of the suit, the prices will continue to rise.