Hometown Hero: Ayla Baker

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We all have a special place in your hearts for people with disabilities and this week's Hometown Hero spends countless hours with students with disabilities.

Ayla Baker is a junior at Barren County High School and spends every second of her free time working with the functional mental disabled students.

"She takes time between breaks, lunch time - first thing in the morning before classes start, and during the break in the afternoon," said Jenny Harbison, who teaches youth with functional disabilities at Barren County High School.

Harbison said a lot of times people are reluctant to help others with disabilities, but not Ayla.

"Most people are afraid of these students and she's just wonderful. She has no fear and jumps right in. I don't even have to tell her things to do," Harbison said.

"She's a wonderful friend and were gonna miss each other when we graduate," junior, Jessica Nicholas said.

Alya said she has a hard time learning and knows what it is like to feel left out.

"It's just how people treat them. I just don't want them to experience what I've experienced in my life," Ayla explained.

Alya also said she doesn't help out for any recognition. She just likes the warm feeling she gets in her heart when she makes them smile.

"I've never really considered myself as a hero, but I consider myself someone special that has helped someone out," Ayla said.

Alya said if a career of working with animals doesn't work out, she would seriously consider a career in working with people with disabilities.