New Funding Bill Head to Senate

A new bill to fund the war in Iraq is working its way through Congress, but just like its predecessor, it’s already drawn a thumbs-down from President Bush.

The House passed an Iraq war funding bill on May 10, 2007. The bill that passed the House, only funds the war through July 2007. After that, President Bush has to come back and ask Congress for more money.

It now heads to the Senate for consideration.

“I personally, speaking for myself, feel that we should have no bifurcation of the funding - that it should all be acted upon at one time,” Virginia Senator John Warner explained.

“We want accountability for the first time, Mr. President, and all we’re saying is this: report to the United States Congress. Certify our progress - we’ll have a choice,” New York Representative Steve Israel explained.

Senators on both sides of the aisle may not warm up to the deadlines in the House bill, but they seem more willing to consider benchmarks that the Iraqi government would have to meet.