Skate Park Forum

The skate park at Roland Bland Park opened to much fanfare, but now problems are being addressed.

Area residents and business owners were glad local skaters and bike riders had a place of their own to ride and hang out at when the skate park opened, but now the skate park is having some troubles.
Littering, parking, and profanity were just a few of the problems discussed at Saturday's skate park forum.

"We have a few small issues due to the success of the park. We're getting three or four hundred people a day here. We just want to get a few issues taken care of while they're still small issues. We talked about littering, smoking and some language issues and behavior issues ... just to make the park more enjoyable for more people.", says Bowling Green Parks and Rec. Director, Ernie Gouvas.

Gouvas added that plans are being made to dedicate certain weekend hours for younger skaters.