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While most Americans keep filling up, Internet users nationwide are dedicating to show oil companies how Americans feel about rising gas prices.

In the e-mail chain letter, all Americans opposed to paying $3 at the pump are not to buy gas May 15, 2007. If Americans give up their cars for a day they'll resort to walking, riding their bikes or using public transportation.

Bowling Green's bus system is welcoming the idea and prepared for an increase in ridership. WBKO's Courtney Lassiter has more.

"Gas prices, it's my way of saying it's time to stop," said Martha Kieffer a Go BG Transit rider..

Kieffer, Deborah Garrett and Aubrey Frey, along with other Go BG Transit riders, gave up their cars a long time ago.

"I let my car go back because gas was too high and paying for other stuff on the car; it's not affordable at all," Frey said.

"I say if you walk, ride your bike, ride the bus I say let your cars rest," Garrett said.

Garret realized she didn't need a car when she started sharing it with her daughter, and she said if more people stop using their cars maybe oil companies will listen up.

"They will pay attention. Sometimes you gotta be like look. Knock them upside the head and say OK. I can't take this anymore," Garrett said.

Kieffer couldn't take it anymore and she took the idea a step further when she got rid of her car for good.

"I have quite a bit more money at the end of the month than I used to," Kieffer said.
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"In the past couple of months we've had an increase," the bus driver said about the numbers of people riding the bus.

Not just Garrett and Kieffer are taking the bus, but WKU students like Fry are using the alternative.

"You do have to get up earlier, make sure you're there on time," Frey said about the downside of riding a bus.

"You put yourself on someone else's' schedule."

But these riders feel they made the right choice and hope you try it too.

"I hope we'll see more," the bus driver said.

This week is called Ride Your Bike to Work Week.

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