Tourism Growth In the South Central Kentucky

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It's National Tourism Week and the Commonwealth of Kentucky seems to be booming in this business.

The Governor's office reports in 2006, tourists in Kentucky spent a whopping $10 billion dollars. That's a nearly seven percent increase in revenue from 2005. Some of that money is coming from tourist attractions right here in South Central Kentucky.

Tourists like Kathy Hoyt and her family have been busy during their visit to Bowling Green.

"We've been to the Corvette Museum and the GM tour of the facilities there. We've also just driven around Bowling Green. It looks just like a beautiful area," Hoyt said.

Hoyt also admited when she got to town, she wasn't expecting to find all of these tourist attractions.

According to Becky Madison of Lost River Cave, Bowling Green is not only increasing in size but also in popularity as a tourist destination.

"Bowling Green seems to be growing and we do have a lot of tourism with I-65. We also have a lot to offer," Madison said.

Madison also said she has seen a steady increase of visitors to Lost River Cave over past few years.

Tourist Marshall Tostie, who's visiting from Georgia, said he can see why the area's getting so much attention.

"Its pretty impressive. I've been fascinated with the outdoors, caverns and stuff," he said.

Madison then said it's especially during the summer months when tourism is at its highest. So it's important for the area attractions to advertise for each other.

"When we have an overflow, we send them to Chaney's Dairy Barn. The visitors seem to enjoy it when they know that they don't have to sit for two hours. There's other things in the area that they can do," Madison said.

Hoyt said she's impressed with her time in Bowling Green and would recommend the trip to other tourists.

"I'd tell them that it seems like there's quite a bit of things happening and to just check around," Hoyt said.

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