Cemetery Complaints

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Some Bowling Green residents are upset with how a local cemetery has been treating their loved ones.

Several people have been complaining about Chapel Hill Memorial Garden Cemetery on Scottsville Road.

They say they've paid the cemetery's owner for headstones and date markers, but she hasn't kept her word and they've yet to see any markers for their loved ones.

"He was a quiet kind of person. He was very smart - very intelligent person. There wasn't many things he couldn't do if he decided he wanted to," victim, Mary Miller explained, referring to her lost loved one.

Miller's husband passed away last August. He was diagnosed with lung cancer.

"My son insisted that I go to a doctor. I was loosing weight and I hadn't been sleeping," Miller explained.

Miller is stressed, not only over the loss of her husband, but because nearly a year after he died she still doesn't have the headstone she ordered and paid for.

The only proof of who her husband was is the government issued headstone she received because of his service in the U.S. Air Force.

"She would tell me some story about her credit card - several different stories," Miller explained, talking of the cemetery's owner.

After months of broken promises from owner, Eileen Santangelo, Miller decided to take legal action.

"On Saturday morning I went to the city police station and filed a report for her to be arrested," Miller explained.

Miller said she's contacted lawyers for help and along the way has come across several other families who are in similar situations.

We even met a family at the cemetery who was looking for Santangelo to complain about a date marker that's been missing from their loved one's headstone for two years.

"That still, to this day, is not on there and my husband has kept calling and calling and has met with Eileen and the marker still isn't there," victim, Tina Hargett said.

But when we confronted Santangelo she seemed to have a different story.

"Each family will be satisfied. If there's any question or concern I encourage them to call me," Santangelo commented.

Miller said this whole situation has been hard on her and she wants more than just a headstone or her money back.

"If I get my money back that's good and I can go somewhere else to get a headstone, but I just would like to keep other people from going through what I have," Miller said.

Miller said she paid more than $2,000 for the headstone.

Santangelo said she mailed a refund check to Mary on May 11, 2007.

She also said if Miller doesn't get it she'll personally go to the bank with her to refund her money.

The Commonwealth Attorney's Office said they're currently working on a similar case against Santangelo.