Child Finds Unexpected in Happy Meal

Happy Meals are supposed to be happy, but Keith and Andrea Irelan got quite a surprise this week when they went through a McDonald’s drive-thru in suburban Chicago and ordered three happy meals for their children.

One of the packages contained a bag of marijuana, but the Irelans didn’t notice that until after they got to a nearby park for a picnic. That’s when their 8-year-old daughter noticed a few odd things in her package.

“She just said, ‘Mom, I have a lighter in my Happy Meal,’ and I said, ‘you have a lighter in your Happy Meal,’ and she said, ‘yes, I have a lighter in my Happy Meal,’ so I told her, ‘go show your dad,’” Andrea explained, but that’s not all the little girl found.

Next she pulled out a pipe and a bag of marijuana.

The Irelans immediately took it to police, who determined that it belonged to a 17-year-old high school senior who worked at the McDonald’s.

He’s been charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. He’s also been fired.

McDonald’s has apologized to the Irelans, but they say they still might sue.