Area Health Care Center Celebrating National Nursing Home Week

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It's National Nursing Home Week and area nursing homes are celebrating.

Edmonson Health Care has planned everything from target practice, horseshoes, softball and tether-ball tournaments, but there's one activity that has all the residents talking.

"Arms up," encouraged Sherrell Thompson, the Assistant Director of Nursing at Edmonson Health Care.

Some resident's call it aerobics, others call it P.E. exercises.

"Mainly they've nicknamed it Resident Recess," said Thompson.

From moving your arms and legs, to even dancing, these nursing home residents are getting involved in this morning activity.

"I enjoy all of it. It's alot of fun," resident, Mattie Martin said.

"I like the dancing. It keeps you moving," resident, Joe Gibson explained.

"They're like, 'are we starting aerobics today? Are we doing this?' I mean, after breakfast they're ready to go and they motivate each other," Thompson explained.

One group of women come together every morning at the aerobics class.

"We have had alot going on. Haven't we girls," resident, Lucy Jaggers asked her friends.

You have Lucy Jaggers ...

"Just like I Love Lucy," Jaggers said.

... Marsha Woodcock, who said the exercise keeps her young at heart ...

"I'm always young at heart! I'll never get old that way," Woodcock said.

... Naomi Meredith, who recently won the nursing home's calendar girl competition ...

"They said they picked out the prettiest one, but I don't think they did," Meredith joked.

... and Leona Doyel ...

"This is our corner. We sit here everytime," Doyel said.

Doyel may be the oldest of the four friends, but she is also the feistiest!

"I'm only 90. She's jealous," Doyel said pointing to a friend.

She said with the exercise the residents are receiving everyday, she plans to make it to 100-years-old with the people who motivate her the most.

"I have enjoyed every minute of it. I was determined to make this my home and I have," Jaggers said.

They are a motivation to everyone.

The aerobics class was started in February on a trial basis, but it was such a hit with the residents they've continued to do it.

Edmonson Health Care will continue National Nursing Home Week with their own Grand Ole' Opry on Wednesday night and a car show to conclude the week.

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