Skatepark Injuries

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A Bowling Green, Ky., mother speaks out after emergency vehicles couldn't reach her injured son inside the skatepark.

She's speaking out after her son's extensive internal injuries from a biking accident a few weeks ago.

Denise Willams said because an ambulance wasn't able to get through the gates at the skatepark her son was forced to walk to the ambulance despite some serious injuries.

The skatepark is supposed to be a safe alternative for recreation, but that's not how it turned out for one Bowling Green Middle Schooler.

"It lacerated his liver, broke ribs and punctured his lung," Willams said.

Willams said her son was trying to do a trick on his bike in the medium sized bowl when he lost control. She said the handle bars smashed into his mid-section doing the most damage to his internal organs.

"He had a couple guys help him out of the bowl because it was so steep," Willams explained. Her son was then able to call 911 on his cell phone.

"They asked him if he could get up and walk to NAPPA because they didn't have access to the skate park," Willams said.

There are two entrances into the skatepark. One is for anyone to go through and the other is locked, for emergency use only. Parks and Recreation said all emergency personnel have the key and code to get into the gate.

When we asked The Medical Center about Willams' sons' accident they said the gate was never an issue.

Willams has her own solution for now. She's banned her son from using the skatepark.

"I just want to look out for others. They (emergency responders) need to be able to get in here," Willams said.

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