Trucking Company Goes on Strike

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Employees of a local trucking company head to the picket line after "good faith negotiations" break down.

Workers for T.S.Trucking began a much-rumored strike on May 17, 2007.

According to Jeff Cooper Executive Director of the Teamsters Local Union 89, the strike started after officials from T.S. Trucking refused to budge on the workers' demands during Thursday's negotiations.

Longtime employee and picketer, Boyce Gray said all the employees want is better benefits and a raise they feel they deserve.

"I was making $10 in 2000 and now I'm making $11 in 2007. What kind of deal is that? Seven years and only a dollar! Someone whose been with the company as long as I have, that shows you how they really feel about their people," Gray said.

Both T.S. Trucking and the strikers told WBKO that they are willing to re-start negotiations at anytime.

The picketers say they will continue to picket everyday until they "are treated like human beings."