Tribute Tree

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A Grayson County, Ky., storeowner has a unique idea for honoring our men and women serving overseas.

At first glance, you might think Eddie Lampton forgot to take down his Christmas tree, but look a little closer and you'll see this tree is a patriotic one.

Eddie Lampton owns Hobos Flea Market and likes to decorate his tree for every holiday.

With Memorial Day and the Fourth of July coming up, he had a special idea.

"I thought about honoring out troops and stuff, and trying to tie it all in together, and just making it a like a tribute tree - letting them know we're supporting them back here. We appreciate what they do and this is my way of doing it," Lampton said.

The first picture put on the tree was the son of the mayor of Leitchfield. Shane Thomason serves in the Kentucky National Guard.

"He was due to be home in April but he got extended in January and so hopefully he'll be home maybe in July," said Carolyn Thomason, Shane's mother.

Shane's family only gets to hear from him about once a week, but his family also hears from him by reading the newspaper.

"He started writing, started keeping a journal, started writing articles for our local newspaper - letters from a different perspective about the Iraqi people, children and so forth," Carolyn said.

Those writings have become an outlet for Shane.

What's helped his mother is the support of the community and people like Lampton.

"This is a great idea and when he called we were so touched, especially since he honored us by having us put Shane's picture on first," Carolyn said.

Eddie has high hopes for the Tribute Tree.

"I hope for three or four trees. I want the tree full. That's my main goal - is to get it loaded down with pictures," Lampton said.