Shane Ragland Trial Continues

The man accused of killing a U.K. football player makes his first court appearance since a Fayette Circuit Court judge agreed to move his case to Louisville, Ky.

Thirty-four-year-old Shane Ragland is awaiting a re-trial on charges he shot and killed U.K. athlete, Trent Digiuro, while Digiuro was celebrating his birthday in 1994.

A Fayette Circuit Court jury convicted Ragland in March 2002, but the Kentucky Supreme Court ordered a new trial in March 2006, based on in-admissible evidence concerning a bullet during the first trial.

During today’s hearing, ballistic evidence was discussed and another attorney was added to Ragland’s defense team, which already includes David Broderick of Bowling Green.

“In this case, big difference for Shane,” Broderick remarked.

The trial is scheduled to begin October 15, in Louisville.